For the love of the game, turn to us.

Whether you’re an elite competitor, a weekend warrior, or just enjoy playing with your kids, we treat patients of all ages for a variety of sports injuries.

Our sports medicine physicians specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries that occur during sports and other physical activities.

We offer orthopedic services to help athletes at all levels perform at their highest potential. We provide injury prevention, injury evaluation and orthopedic surgery, including minimally invasive options. Each of our orthopedic surgeons specialize in one or more of the following areas: foot, ankle, knee, hip, hand, elbow, shoulder, spine and wrist.

Our team is adept at treating:

• Meniscus cartilage injuries
• Rotator cuff problems
• Shin splints
• Elbow tendinitis
• Sprains, fractures and dislocations
• ACL tears
• Achilles tendinitis
• Lower back pain

Young athletes are important to Signature physicians, too. Kids’ muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments still have lots of growing to do, which makes them more prone to sports injuries. Our doctors provide the most professional care available for children and young adults.

So why go anywhere else? Choose well. Choose Signature.

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