Arm Pain


Are you experiencing arm pain? If are you having pain as the direct result of a fall or other trauma, you may have a sprained or fractured your arm.

If your arm pain has come on suddenly – not as a result of a recent traumatic injury – you should seek medical attention immediately, as the range of causes may be quite different. If the pain is in your left arm, it may signal a serious condition or episode such as a heart attack.

The arm is one of the most useful yet complex parts of the human body. It consists of five major parts: upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand.

Your upper arm extends from your shoulder to your elbow and provides the strength for pulling and lifting.

Your elbow is the hinged joint that allows your arm to open up to 180 degrees at full extension.

The forearm is the portion of your arm extending from your elbow to your wrist. Forearm pain may occur as a result of a fall, an injury, a fracture, nerve problems, arthritis, overuse and more. Forearm pain may occur in your hands, fingers or wrist or your entire forearm.  Your forearm is comprised of two bones, the ulna and the radius.

Your wrist is located in the upper part of your hand and contains eight carpal bones along with many muscles and tendons.

Your hand contains five bones called metacarpals and 14 narrow bones known as phalanges. The ligaments and tendons in your hand are tough bands of tissue that connect the bones to support them and keep them in place.

Bone fractures are among the most common injuries to the arm. The radius and ulna – bones of the forearm – are commonly broken. They are often healed with immobilization casts or splints, but multiple breaks may require the surgical implantation of pins and other types of reinforcement.

Depending upon the specific issue, treatment for your arm pain might also include over-the-counter painkillers, NSAIDS, rest of the arm, bracing, splinting/casting, a cortisone injection into the affected area, and/or occupational therapy.

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