About Us

As one of the largest private, multi-specialty medical groups in the Midwest, Signature Medical Group is a leader in health care quality and service. The organization was founded in 2001 when a few local physicians joined together to form the largest orthopedic physician group in St. Louis. Since then, Signature Medical Group has grown to include some of St. Louis and Kansas City’s most highly respected physicians in a variety of medical specialties.

These practices came together because they shared a common interest in providing leading medical care in a community setting and working collaboratively in a group practice. This model provides physicians with the advantages and stability of a large group and the support of a collegial and collaborative medical environment while still allowing them to maintain their independence.

Our doctors and staff are truly leaders in their respective fields, leading state and national programs that are driving positive changes in health care through both experience and innovation.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Signature Medical Group to:

  • Provide compassionate and quality health care while acting responsibly to manage cost to the community
  • Promote and protect the patient-physician relationship
  • Support physician-led health care
  • Position itself as an innovative leader in the delivery of care and development of health care policy

Our Vision

Signature Medical Group is a physician-led integrated health care system providing high-quality, patient-focused health care in a value-driven environment. Our highly-engaged care team is committed to promoting a culture that consistently delivers the Signature Medical Group brand identity, and an environment that allows all to thrive personally and professionally. Signature Medical Group leverages its expertise and knowledge in managed care and risk-sharing models to care for patients while increasing value.