For Practitioners — Join Signature


Deliver a better patient experience with Signature Medical Group. With better contracted rates and many resources available, you can focus on your patients and let us handle the rest.

Choosing Signature

As you consider joining Signature Medical Group, it’s important to understand your colleagues will be among the very best. We maintain a level of excellence through a careful selection process and we encourage continued training. We hold private practice in the highest esteem, recognizing that a private practice physician is the key to cost-effective, high-quality care.

We offer a business support model that enhances revenue while trimming down practice costs, including lower malpractice costs and better managed care administration. In addition, we provide ongoing business development, operations consulting, and practice management services. In essence, our model provides physicians with the advantages of a large group while allowing our physicians to do what they do best: practice medicine.

The Benefits of Joining Signature Medical Group

Signature Medical Group is a progressive, physician-led medical group devoted to providing the highest quality healthcare to patients. Our practices have the reputation as premier health care destinations on both local, regional and national levels.

Physicians can cultivate internal referrals from among the more than 100 practitioners within the Signature Medical Group network. Our practitioners are confident when recommending others in the group because of our high standards of excellence and care.

On the logistical side, we provide a highly efficient infrastructure to support the many and varied needs of a medical business office.

Treating patients should be your main concern. As a private practice physician, learn how becoming a part of Signature Medical Group will allow you to keep your independence and to put your patients first. To receive further information about joining Signature Medical Group, please call 314-628-1650 or email