Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeons Fellowship-Trained in Back and Spine

From neck to lower back, we have you covered. Our experienced, board-certified physicians are trained to evaluate and treat all forms of back pain associated with aging, injury, and underlying conditions like arthritis. Our goal is to provide care to reduce pain and restore function.

Non-Surgical and Surgical Options

Our physicians are expert surgeons, but that doesn’t mean we only do surgery. Signature doctors look for the right approach to treat your back pain. Your physician will discuss a wide range of non-invasive solutions and new, alternative options in addition to traditional surgical treatments.

Convenient, Accessible and Affordable

We are right where you need us—in your neighborhood and in your communities. With many St. Louis and Kansas City locations, many with evening and weekend hours, we offer options for finding accessible and affordable health care close to home.

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