Meet Kenny

KennySome people run marathons for the sense of accomplishment; others, as a way to stay in shape. For Kenny, running is his passion and has become a calling.

Known around St. Louis as “Marathon Man,” Kenny has run 172 marathons over the course of his lifetime. But what was once an enjoyable hobby has turned into something more.

For the past few years, Kenny has run the Paris Marathon for the American Institute for Cancer Research to raise money for cancer research; he has raised more than $19,000 so far and continues to fundraise for the event each year.

“I run for my sponsors’ loved ones, those we have lost to cancer and those who have survived,” Kenny says. “We light candles at Notre Dame after the race to honor them as well. It's very touching.”

Kenny’s noble pursuit does not come without cost; the constant running has taken a toll on his knees, forcing him to seek medical care.

“A friend of mine recommended Dr. Robert Medler about five years ago when I was unhappy with my doctor at the time,” Kenny says. “Dr. Medler is so encouraging, supportive, and enthusiastic.”

One of the things Kenny was most concerned about was maintaining his rigorous running routine. He wasn’t ready for a long hiatus from the sport he loved, and told Dr. Medler so.

“The best thing Dr. Medler did was discussing all of my treatment options with me – we never had to do surgery formy injured knee.” Kenny says. “I told him I wanted to keep running, and he suggested gel and cortisone injections before opting for surgery; it turned out beautifully.”

Even now, whenever Kenny has an injured hamstring or other running-related injury, Dr. Medler is his first contact. “We talk over email, but sometimes I think it would be worth it to get injured just to see him in person,” Kenny jokes. +

Please visit for more information on Kenny’s Paris Marathon fundraising efforts.

Fun Facts About Kenny

What did you do for a living before devoting your life to running? I traveled the globe as an in-flight pursuer and flight attendant before beginning a career as a middle school foreign language teacher. I loved creating different characters and dressing up in costumes during class, as a way of teaching the languages in a fun and engaging way. And the kids loved it, too.

What languages do you speak? French, Spanish, and German.

Favorite city? Paris.

Favorite place to run in St. Louis? Forest Park.

Fun running fact about you? After 172 marathons, I was one of the first marathoners to run in all 50 states and all the Canadian provinces and territories.