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Our specialists cover all foot and ankle injuries and conditions. As the foot is composed of many tiny bones and ligaments, we understand that lower extremity injuries can be painful and debilitating. Our podiatrists diagnose and treat disorders, diseases, and injuries of the foot and lower leg. Signature podiatrists use an array of treatment plans that may include physical therapy, custom-fit orthotic shoe inserts or even, surgery.

Five must-know facts about Signature Medical Group:

1. Our doctors are the area’s foremost highly-skilled specialists.
2. We provide a high quality, more affordable, accessible, health care and services.
3. Since our physicians are independent, healthcare decisions are where they belong – in the hands of physicians and their patients.
4. By remaining independent, our group of doctors have more time to focus on what they do best – practice medicine.
5. We meet the special healthcare needs for the whole family.

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