Kyphosis (Hunchback)


Kyphosis is a rounding of the spine. It can make you look like you have a hump in your back.

Some people are born with the problem. Other people have an injury, infection, or disease that causes it. Young teens can get a type of kyphosis called Scheuermann’s disease. And older people can get a rounded back because of spine fractures caused by osteoporosis.

Kyphosis may or may not make your back hurt. In bad cases, it makes it hard to breathe.

Treatment for kyphosis depends on what caused it. Some young teens may wear a brace. The spine will straighten as they grow. Sometimes exercises and medicine may help pain. In other cases, surgery is needed.

A rounded spine can be stressful, especially for teens. They may be embarrassed about how they look. Give your child lots of love and support. And if he or she needs more help, you may want to think about counseling.

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Robert G. Medler

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