Knee Injection

Knee injection is one method of treating knee pain, particularly if oral medications aren’t helping but you aren’t yet to the point of needing surgery.

A knee injection involves injecting medication into your knee to help lubricate and cushion the joint. This type of injection may provide as little as a few days to more than six months of knee pain relief, depending upon the patient. These injections do not last indefinitely, however, and should be limited to no more than three to four per year, per joint, due to possible side effects.

One specific form of knee injection is a corticosteroid injection (also known as cortisone), a treatment commonly used to reduce flare-ups of osteoarthritic pain and swelling with fluid buildup in your knee. This type of knee injection is designed to help relieve symptoms by reducing inflammation in your knee joint and providing same-day relief from pain and swelling.

Another form of knee injection is a hyaluronic acid injection. When you have osteoarthritis, the hyaluronic acid in your affected joint decreases. Hyaluronic acid injections add to your body's natural supply. Your doctor may also refer to these injections as "viscosupplementation," which literally means they add to the amount of fluid in your joints.

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