Nine Easy Ways to Cut Your Healthcare Costs

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 in General Health News

We know that whatever you spend on healthcare, you’d like to spend less.

That’s why Signature Medical Group is here to help you. Studies have shown that our independent doctors can save our patients 20 to 30 percent compared with other healthcare systems.

But we'd also like you to inform you of several other ways to lower your healthcare bills:

  • Consider asking your doctor about generic drugs. If your Signature doctor prescribes a drug, ask if there's a suitable generic alternative or even an over-the-counter choice.
  • Be sure to listen to your doctor. Some patients never fill their prescriptions or take them correctly, which can lead to more medical problems and expenses.
  • Try shopping at different pharmacies. You'd be surprised how prices for some drugs may vary.
  • Comparing costs for lab tests, including an MRI, is important, too. At Signature, we provide state-of-the-art imaging technology in a convenient and personal setting.
  • Consider using mail-order medications. A 90-day supply may be cheaper than what you pay at he pharmacy.
  • Be sure to check a drug manufacturer's website for a discount card or coupons.
  • Consider taking out a high-deductible insurance plan. Premiums are usually lower. Just make sure you have the cash on hand to cover the deductible if you do end up needing significant care.
  • A flexible spending account (FSA) could also work for you. That allows you to put aside pretax dollars that you can use toward medical expenses throughout the year.
  • Make sure you stay fit. Living a healthy lifestyle and eating a proper diet clearly can save you medical expenses in the long run.

Signature Medical Group excels at delivering quality healthcare for less. We encourage you to study your options by making an appointment today with one of our specialists.


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