That double cheeseburger and fries sure looks tempting. But at Signature Medical Group, we know that healthy eating habits can make a dramatic impact on your overall health, reduce the risk of disease and help you live longer.

Our nutritionists have a verified background in nutrition research and training, and can advise you on how nutrition impacts your health.

A nutrition coach will help you make lifestyle choices. A nutritionist or registered dietitian will educate you about nutrition, weight loss, weight management, the advantages of cooking more of your meals at home and gastrointestinal issues. We will help you to develop a healthy mind so that you can have a healthy body.

How long the journey takes depends on you. Our dietitian will work with you until you achieve your new lifestyle goals. He or she will help you reach a place where you are confident in making your own decisions. After that, you can decide how often you would like to consult regarding your progress.

In initial visits, our dietitian will assesses your current lifestyle and discuss strengths and weaknesses, including health concerns, activity levels, nutrition history and, most importantly, overall goals.

Nutrition clients may receive a packet that includes:
• Sample meal plans
• Nutritious recipes
• Cooking modifications
• United States Dietary Association recommendations
• Eating tips
• Ideas for nutritious low-calorie snacks
• Easy ways to burn calories
• Diary sheets for tracking progress

At Signature Medical Group, we believe in excellent, accessible and affordable healthcare. Our doctors work for their patients and no one else. We strive to drive down costs and partner to build relationships you can trust.

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