Preventing Knee Injuries

Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2017 in Orthopedics

You don't have to be an athlete to suffer a knee injury. Sure, a sudden jolt or twist on the playing field could cause your knee to buckle. But repetitive motions such as walking up and down stairs and stress over time can prompt just as much pain.

At Signature Medical Group, we're here to help. You can trust our knowledgeable orthopedic and sports medicine experts to treat a variety of knee conditions. You can often see us the same day you make an appointment and we offer convenient hours at night or on weekends.

Signature specialists would like to help you prevent knee injuries. One way is to conduct exercises that suit your body the best. suggests that if your knees are prone to chronic pain from arthritis, use an elliptical machine rather than a treadmill in avoiding impact-oriented exercise.

The website also lists these tips to avoid knee injuries:

  1. Maintain your weight. Because extra weight can increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis, keep your weight appropriate for your size and age to decrease stress on your knees and to avoid increased chances for knee injuries.
  2. Wear sensible shoes with a good fit. It will help you to maintain proper leg alignment and balance, ultimately preventing knee injuries.
  3. Warm up. Before starting any exercise, warm up and then stretch. If you stretch muscles in the front and back of your thighs, it decreases tension on your tendons, ultimately relieving pressure on the knees.
  4. Do low-impact exercise. At the gym, use a rowing machine or a cross-country skiing machine. Both offer a strong workout with low impact to your knees.
  5. Swim or walk. These are the best activities when you're not a gym.
  6. Weight train. Strengthen your leg muscles to better support your knees and avoid injuries by working out with weights. But be sure to consult with a Signature Medical Group doctor first on the right way to life weights to prevent knee pain.
  7. Don’t decrease your activity. A decrease in activity will lead to weakness, increasing your chances of injuries.
  8. Don’t suddenly change the intensity of your exercise. Build up gradually to avoid knee pain.
  9. Consider physical therapy. If you already have a knee injury, visit a physical therapist who can help to set up an appropriate exercise regimen.

If you have more questions, a Signature Medical Group specialist will be glad to help. Make an appointment today and we'll keep you moving.