Kids Month: Instilling Good Habits in Children

Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2016 in General Health News

Ever realize how much your children are actually watching you? They try to mimic everything you do, even when you're not looking. Sometimes they can be caught repeating words you scream after stubbing a toe. It can even go as far as kids picking up your same facial expressions. But today, Signature Medical group wants to recognize the importance of passing on great habits to the St. Louis and Kansas City youth. A few ways to prevent your children from picking up bad habits include:

Healthy diet
With so many mischievous food options out there targeting your children, diet should be on the top of the list. Parents must educate themselves first. Signature medical group has dietitians taking on new patients and, actively educating the children of Missouri. We also have informational blogs demonstrating hearty recipes that your kids will love. These are fantastic resources for new parents.

Staying active
This should not be a chore. The truth is that not every child will enjoy organized sports adding difficulty to this healthy habit. Finding an activity that the whole family will love can be challenging but, even more rewarding. Teach your kids to love the games they play!

Even when managing to get out of the office, work will find a way to come home with you. While spending family time together, being glued to your cell phone or laptop sends a message to your children. Your kids will learn that being submersed in their phone rather than interacting with what's going on around them is OK. Let your children know that they are your priority and that your e-mails can wait. Read books as a family or find a television show to watch together as a weekly ritual.

Understanding how personal habits are instilled in your children is the first step. Now, more than ever, it's time for parents to educate themselves. Learn more by making an appointment with a Signature Medical group dietitian, pediatrician, or primary care physician today. Stay tuned for more healthy habits to pass on, coming shortly.