New Year, New You

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 in General Health News

Happy 2017! As the New Year begins, many of us start thinking about resolutions that revolve around a healthier lifestyle. We have a new motivation to lead a more fulfilling and healthier life. Unfortunately, obstacles can get in the way, especially when you're tackling them without a support system. This year, we invite you to team with Signature Medical Group.

Staying current with your annual checkups from well women to colonoscopies to basic vaccines is vital. Our doctors will help you to maintain necessary preventative care and screenings. Our registered dietitians will educate, support and help you develop a plan for making healthy dietary and lifestyle choices that improve quality of life.

Just as important as setting a New Year's goal is determining how you will uphold it. Whether it is one-on-one coaching with our dietitians, attending an educational seminar presented to the community, scheduling your screenings and preventative care for the start of the year or simply taking advantage of the videos and recipes available for you online, we have options to help you stay on track.

The start of a new year is truly a special time; don't let your goals fall by the wayside. Signature Medical Group is here to promote healthy living and help you achieve your goals. Make an appointment today to see a Signature specialist.


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