Seasonal Allergies

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019 in Videos

Spring and Fall can be miserable for those suffering from seasonal allergies (also called hay fever). Dr. Hamsa Subramanian explains the symptoms of seasonal allergies and where you can look for treatment.


Hi, I'm Dr. Hamsa Subramanian. I'm an allergist in St. Louis, Missouri taking care of both kids and adults.

Hay fever is very common in this area. "Hay fever" is a term used for allergies that bother people in spring and in fall.

In spring, the majority of the patients suffer from eye allergies: itchy eyes, swollen eyes, teary eyes, difficulty in wearing contacts. And most of them have tree pollen allergies especially oak pollen.

In fall, ragweed is the culprit. Although ragweed can cause some eye allergy problems, it causes more of a nasal problem or can even flair up your asthma.

Skin testing is available to diagnose this problem and excellent medications for each age group can be tailor made to each patient. So you can enjoy your spring and fall doing outdoor activities.