Oral Allergy Syndrome

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 in Videos

Has your mouth ever felt itchy when eating fresh fruits, vegetables, or nuts? It could be oral allergy syndrome. Dr. Hamsa Subramanian of Signature Allergy and Immunology explains oral allergy syndrome and how allergists test for it.


Hi, I'm Dr. Hamsa Subramanian - I'm an allergist.

Food allergies are increasing. Many patients come to see me because their mouth itches. They have throat itching or tongue itching when they eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes this is not a true food allergy: it is what we call oral allergy syndrome and that's because many of these patients are allergic to tree, grass, or even ragweed pollen, and it is a cross-reaction between certain fresh fruits and vegetables.

So to start off, evaluating a patient with oral allergy syndrome a good history is done

this is followed by an allergy skin test

and sometimes

it is also followed by a blood test.

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