Yoga for Back Pain

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 in Orthopedics

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Interestingly, a recent study showed yoga may be a good way to alleviate lower back pain.

The Washington Post reports that the study involved 320 adults (average age: 46) with moderate to severe chronic lower back pain. About two-thirds took pain medication. All were randomly assigned to participate in 12 weeks of physical therapy (15 one-hour sessions plus home exercises) or 12 weeks of yoga (a dozen 75-minute classes plus home practice) or were given a self-help book and periodic newsletters on back pain plus phone check-ins.

After the first 12 weeks, the yoga and physical therapy groups had occasional sessions and did exercises or practiced at home for nine months; the others continued to get support by phone. By the end of the study, the physical therapy and yoga groups, on average, showed more improvement in pain levels and in ability to function than did the others, and they were more likely to have stopped taking pain medicine. The results were essentially the same for people who had practiced yoga and those who had gotten physical therapy.

Most of the participants in the study were women, the Post reported. And the yoga classes were designed for people with lower back pain, so results may not be the same for people who take a regular yoga class.

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