Rehabilitation After ACL Surgery

Posted on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 in Orthopedics

Dr. David J. Anderson, an orthopedic specialist at Signature Medical Group, outlines these steps in your rehabilitation after ACL surgery:

Days 1-3 after surgery

  1. Work on ad/abduction and extension straight leg raises.
  2. Do weight bearing as tolerated in brace with knee locked in extension.
  3. Work on knee extensions (heel of pillow, prone hangs.)

Days 3-14

  1. Do hamstring curls.
  2. Bear weight on knee as tolerated in brace.
  3. Do knee extensions (prone hangs with two-pound weights if not full, towel extensions, wall slides).

Weeks 2-4

  1. Place custom brace on knee.
  2. Add stationary bike, StairMaster, leg press, quarter squats to your workout.

Weeks 4-10

Add swimming, cycling, jump rope, jogging to your workout.

Weeks 10-16

Begin sport-specific activities, agility drills.

Week 16

You can possibly return to your sports activity with a custom derotation brace. Your surgical knee needs to have strength equal to 90 percent of the nonsurgical knee with no pain or effusion.