Preparing Your Home After Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 in Orthopedics

At Signature Medical Group, our orthopedic surgeons specialize in total joint replacement surgery. We're glad we can help alleviate the pain you've endured in your hip or knee.

But the surgery is not all we're concerned about. After you go home, we want you to be safe.

So we suggest before your surgery, you prepare your home or apartment for your rehabilitation period. We offer some tips to get you ready, courtesy of

  • Arrange furniture so there is enough space to walk with a walker.
  • Remove all throw rugs and clutter from the floors.
  • Place electrical cords and wires out of the walking areas.
  • Do your mopping, vacuuming and dusting before surgery.
  • Install or secure handrails on staircases.
  • Install handrails in your shower and next to your toilet.
  • Be sure your shower has skidproof mats.
  • Install nightlights around your home.
  • Be sure to have a sturdy chair with a firm back and arm rests. A chair that sits higher will help you stand up easier; a study recliner is recommended so you can elevate your legs
  • Be sure to have a phone with you in case of an emergency
  • Place necessary items within reach of your chair recliner-phone, eyeglasses, water, medications, tissues, snacks, television remote

Although these tips are beneficial following surgery, many are useful in general, for people trying to reduce the risk of falls around the home.

If you're experiencing pain in your hips or knees, or shoulders, hands, wrists and feet, Signature's orthopedic specialists are ready to help. We offer a wide array of treatments, many without surgery.

You can often see us the same day you make an appointment and we have convenient hours at night and on weekends. So why wait? Make an appointment today and start feeling better.