Our Spinal Specialists Put a Spring in Your Step

Posted on Monday, November 6, 2017 in Orthopedics

Your back hurts. It's a chore just to rise up out of your chair or get out of bed. Walking is difficult, particularly up or down steps. Maybe the pain has spread to your neck and shoulders. What do you do?

Your first step should be to see a Signature Medical Group orthopedic physician, specializing in spinal issues.

Our team treats conditions ranging from a mild strain, pinched nerve, herniated disc to more serious difficulties. Most of the time, we can treat the problem without surgery.

But if you do need surgery, rest assured that our knowledgeable surgeons will get you back on your feet and out of pain as quickly as possible. Check out the types of surgeries we perform.

So if you're in pain, why wait? Make an appointment today to see one of our spinal specialists and start feeling better.