Exercise May Help Back Pain

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Thursday, July 27, 2017 in Orthopedics

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According to advancingyourhealth.org, these strengthening exercises can help curtail your back pain:

  • Back extensions. While lying on your stomach on the floor, press your elbows into the ground and push your upper body toward the ceiling. Hold this pose for 30 seconds, then allow your body to relax. Repeat four to six times.
  • Chair stretch (for hamstrings). Sit in a comfortable chair with your legs straight out in front of you in another stable chair. Reach forward gently to one foot and then repeat with other foot.
  • Hip stretch. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a step back with your right foot and bend your left knee while shifting the weight to the right hip until you feel a stretch. Repeat on the other side.
  • Knee-to-chest stretch. Lie on your back on the floor and bend your knees while keeping your heels on the floor. Place your hands behind each knee and bring your knees to your chest for a gentle stretch.
  • Neck stretch. Sit in a comfortable chair with a straight back. Bend your head forward until your chin hits your chest, or you can feel a light stretch in the back of the neck. Return to the starting position.

Although the above exercises may help your back, other exercises may be harmful. Advancingyourhealth.org recommends staying away from these if you're in pain:

  • Heavy lifting above the waist
  • Leg lifts
  • Sit-ups with straight legs or with bent legs
  • Touching your toes while standing with legs straight

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