Can You Fully Recover from a Sprained Ankle?

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Monday, July 25, 2016 in Orthopedics

It's a given that certain sports, for instance, basketball or tennis, come with increased risk of sprained ankles. But, many don't realize that after the first ankle sprain, there is a heightened risk of a reoccurring injury. With weakened muscles surrounding the ankle, it becomes easier for the ankle to turn or roll upon impact resulting in a sprain. This can be dangerous when a doctor does not treat the injury or a sufficient recovery period is not observed. The result leads to pain and ankle instability causing more sprains. Ultimately, this has the potential to cause permanent damage within the ankle.

Completely Recovering from Sprained Ankles

Immediately after the injury occurs, you will be required to rest and stay off your feet. Treatment also includes repeatedly icing, compressing and elevating the affected ankle. Not all ankle injuries are sprains and not all sprains require the standard recovery process. This is why it is so important to consult your Signature Orthopedist immediately following your injury. Many of our practices now have after hours staff and doctors available to accommodate game time injuries.

After you have rested and the swelling has gone down, you're back on your feet again-but, not so fast! This is the crucial time for your ankle to completely heal and build strength. It is best to get into a routine that includes strength and stretch exercises every day. This will ensure your ankle is returned back to its best possible condition.

No matter the ankle injury you sustain, our team at Signature Medical Group is ready to help. We provide comprehensive foot care services at our St. Louis and Kansas City offices, so give us a call or request an appointment online to contact us today!