Determining Whether a Signature Physician is Within Network


Posted on Thursday, January 16, 2020 in Practices

How can I find out if a Signature doctor is within my insurance plan's network?

In the old days, visiting the doctor was simple. You saw the doctor, they diagnosed your problem, and you paid the bill on the way out. Things are different now. Most of us are fortunate enough to have health insurance but the plans are complex, confusing and sometimes leave you with unforeseen bills. Knowing if your doctor takes your insurance is important but it’s not enough. Finding out if he or she is “in-network” for the plan you have can save you additional money. A doctor who is within your plan usually means you’ll have a lower copay, co-insurance,or sometimes no payment at all.

Here are some helpful tips for determining your in-network physicians:

  • Check out your insurance company’s website. They typically provide a way to search for health practitioners who are within your particular plan’s network.
  • Give your practice a call and ask if your preferred physician participates in your health plan.
  • Read more about the insurances Signature Medical Group accepts here. Our practices accept all major insurances, including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), and UnitedHealthcare (UHS).

A little research can go a long way and end up cutting down your health care costs. For more information on our practices or to make an appointment with one of our doctors, visit our homepage. +