Look to Signature for Workers' Comp Programs

Posted on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 in General Health News

An injured employee wants to return to normal. Employers need to get back to business.

With Signature Medical Group's Workers' Compensation program, we meet both objectives quickly and compassionately.

Our multiple locations and quality doctors make it easy for employees to get same-day appointments with specialists who will assess and care for their injuries.

Our team includes orthopedic physicians, orthopedic surgeons, workers' comp coordinators, nurse case managers and technicians at imaging facilities. We focus on injuries to the back, neck, hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, elbow, hip, leg, knee, foot and ankle.

Equally important is that our doctors are return-to-work advocates who share the employer's goal of healing patients while controlling costs.

Our workers' comp team is adept at reducing hassles and redundancies among patients, doctors, employers and insurance representatives. We accomplish this with one-on-one communication and we take pride in this personal attention. As a Signature client, you'll have a single point person who will help you navigate the system.

If your company or union would like more information on our workers' comp program, contact Program Manager Gerrie Herrmann at 314-973-4585 or gherrmann@signaturehealth.net.