Becoming a Smarter Healthcare Consumer in St. Louis or Kansas City

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Thursday, June 2, 2016 in General Health News

Information regarding all types of products and services is simply available. While consumers can easily research all purchases, being a smart healthcare consumer is a much more challenging task. However, more transparency in the pricing and quality of healthcare in St. Louis or Kansas City is emerging, especially as consumers are forced to pay increasing deductibles and copays. So, how can one become a smarter health consumer, choosing doctors and facilities that provide value? Here are a few tips.

Who actually pays for your healthcare? While you may pay a deductible or copay, in many cases your employer picks up the majority of the tab. While the excess on and above your out-of-pocket cost may seem free, it's an expense paid by your employer. Being careful in your use of healthcare can reduce your employer's healthcare expenses, another way to be a wise healthcare consumer.


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