Allergy and Pregnancy – Why Your Allergies Can Flare Up When You're Pregnant

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 in General Health News

Fall is a time when many of us enjoy the variety of colors ushered in with the cooler temperatures. However, if you have seasonal allergies, the bright yellow you see covering the ground is pollen dust - and it's not very welcome. If you're pregnant, you may notice an increase in allergens even more, especially if you’re already prone to allergies. Pregnancy can increase your sensitivity to things like pollen and cause your allergies to flare up. Symptoms can be mild (runny nose, etc.) to severe (itchy eyes, nose and throat).

Limiting your time outdoors reduces the risk of exposure to pollen. Also, closing your home and car windows can help minimize your exposure to airborne allergens.

Regularly changing the air filter in your cooling and heating system can help ensure there is less pollen circulating in your home. Likewise, you may want to wash your hair after being outside and refrain from raking leaves and disturbing pollen, especially when pregnant.

When you have serious symptoms, sometimes you may need a nasal spray and an oral medication. This is a great time to have your team of Signature Medical Group physicians evaluate your condition. A SMG allergist and OBGYN physician can work together to ensure you get the most appropriate care.

Disclosing all medications you take to your physician is important. And, if you are pregnant, include any over-the-counter allergy medication you had taken before you were pregnant. Make an appointment with a Signature Medical Group physician today-before the allergy season is in full swing!


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