A Backyard Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe

Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 in General Health News

With summer now in full swing, you, as a parent, may not realize the potential hazards in your own back yard. Signature Medical Group wants to ensure that your backyard outing ends with exhausted, smiling children rather than in the emergency room. Take a look at the tips we have put together for all parents in Missouri and Kansas.

  1. The yard fence is your first line of defense. Especially if you have a pool, you rely on that fence to keep your children where they need to be and away from where they shouldn't. So, make sure that gate remains locked and the fence has not been damaged.
  2. Thoroughly consider the placement of your patio furniture. A misplaced chair or table can have serious consequences. Creating the opportunity for your daredevil to climb over a fence or, putting the hot grill within reaching distance.
  3. Stow old fertilizers and lawn chemicals out of reach. Unfortunately, even when you try your hardest to prevent such incidents, accidents happen. Your first response should be to call poison control. They will ask you what poison is involved and how it was ingested. Your Signature Medical Group doctor may be a resource in this instance.

These are just SOME of the potential hazards in your own home. Sometimes it's a minor issue like a new hole creating a tripping hazard; but, it could also be as serious as the plastic on the swing set getting hot enough to burn your child. To combat the ever changing environment, it is best to be an over-observant backyard supervisor.

If you have questions about keeping your child safe this summer, contact a Signature Medical group primary care physician or pediatrician today. +


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