Are you experiencing pain in your shoulder, elbow, hip or knee? Is this area sensitive to the touch, swollen, or painful to move?

If so, you may have a condition known as bursitis. Bursitis is common, treatable and often heals completely within months.

Bursitis is an inflammation of the bursae, which are the small, fluid-filled sacs found near joints. The bursae collectively act as a cushion between the moving parts in your joints to stop your muscles, bones, and tendons from rubbing together and wearing down over time. When a bursa – a single sac – becomes irritated, it swells, leaving less room in your joint for muscles and tendons to move around as you move. This can lead to pain and inability to move that body part within your normal range of motion. If you also have a fever, it could mean that one or more of your bursae are infected; this is known as septic bursitis.

Overuse of a joint, an injury, or a chronic condition such as rheumatoid arthritis can cause bursitis.

Bursitis may be treated at home or by a doctor, depending on the severity of your pain and motion limitations. At-home treatments include anti-inflammatory medicines, rest, and ice packs. If your symptoms persist, your doctor may opt to inject corticosteroids in or around the area. In severe and long-term situations, your doctor may recommend surgery as an option.

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If you suspect you have bursitis and live in the St. Louis or Kansas City area, contact one of our orthopedic practices to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns and have an evaluation by one of our specialists today.

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