Are you experiencing pain and/or tenderness in your forearm between the wrist and elbow? If so, you may be suffering from what is known as tendonitis.

Forearm tendonitis is a condition that occurs when the tendons in your forearm become inflamed. These tendons are comprised of soft bands of connective tissue. The bands of tissue attach your muscles to bones, enabling your forearm joints to flex and extend. An injury or overuse of your forearm can cause tendon inflammation, also known as tendonitis.

Symptoms of forearm tendonitis may include any or all of the following: warmth or a burning sensation in your forearm; weakness or loss of grip strength; throbbing or pulsing; stiffness, often worse after sleeping; severe pain when attempting to use your wrist, elbow or forearm; a lump on your forearm or a grating feeling when moving the affected tendon.

Home treatment for tendonitis may involve: immediate and continual rest, ice, compression and elevation of the affected area. Over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory pain medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen and over-the-counter anesthetic creams, sprays or lotions that contain numbing chemicals are additional home treatment options. Stretches and exercises to slowly stretch and strengthen your injured tendons may also help.

In severe or long-term instances of forearm tendonitis, your doctor may recommend any of the following: massage therapy, physiotherapy, prescription-strength medications; corticosteroid injections; acupuncture, acupressure or electrostimulation therapy; and shock wave therapy. It is possible that you may require surgery to repair the tendon injury if you’ve experienced a severe tear or if there is tissue damage.

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