Pain Management

Chronic pain often requires both counseling and medical treatment, because it can have a wearing effect on both the body and the mind. With a pain management practice, you can get multidisciplinary treatment from a team of specialists, including:

Doctors who prescribe pain medicine and are skilled in pain management devices and procedures. These doctors include neurologists, anesthesiologists, physiatrists or physical medicine specialists, internists, and family medicine doctors.

Physiatrists. These medical doctors specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. They often coordinate a chronic pain treatment team.

Psychologists or counselors. They teach cognitive-behavioral skills for managing pain, anxiety, and depression.

Physical therapists. They teach exercises for improving and maintaining strength, function, and mobility.

Doctors who prescribe medicine for supporting mental health. These doctors include psychiatrists and family medicine doctors.

Nurses or social workers. These professionals help support and coordinate patient care. Other specialists, such as complementary medicine providers, may also be available in a chronic pain management clinic. These specialists meet to share information and make sure that care is coordinated.

Why is it important to manage your pain?
Controlling your pain can help you to:

  • Be active.
  • Sleep.
  • Cope better with your treatment for a health problem.
  • Enjoy family and friends.
  • Eat with pleasure.
  • Heal faster after an injury or surgery.

Long-term pain that isn't controlled can take the joy from your life. You may not be able to work. Physical activity may be too painful or exhausting. You may have a hard time sleeping at night, which can make you tired and cranky. Your outlook on life may change and strain your relationships with family and friends. You may become depressed and anxious. Controlling pain can help with all these things.

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