A pessary is a device that fits into your vagina and supports the pelvic organs. It may be used if a pelvic organ sags or moves out of its normal position (prolapse). For some women, wearing a pessary means that they may not have to have surgery to fix a prolapse. A pessary also may help a woman who has trouble controlling her urine (incontinence). Or a pessary may be used during a pregnancy to hold the uterus in place.

There are many sizes and types of pessaries. Which type you use depends on the problem you have. Your doctor will make sure the pessary is just right for you. You may need to try different kinds of pessaries to find the best fit. The pessary should hold the pelvic organ in place without causing pain or pressure. You may be able to have sex with your pessary in place. It depends on the type of pessary and your comfort level.