Partial Hip Replacement

Partial hip replacement is also known as hip hemiarthroplasty. It is a surgical procedure where the ball or femoral head of the damaged hip joint is replaced. The socket (or acetabulum) is not replaced. By contrast, in total hip replacement, the socket is also replaced with a prosthetic implant.

Broken and fractured hips – often caused by a traumatic hip injury – are the primary reason for partial hip replacement, where the ball needs replacing but the socket is still strong. While hemiarthroplasty is not typically a treatment for degenerative arthritis in the hip joint, total hip replacement surgery is.

Partial hip replacement and total hip replacement generally treat two different types of issues. Partial hip replacement usually treats an injury to the hip, whereas total hip replacement is the treatment for degenerative arthritis of the hip. Partial hip replacement isn’t a treatment for bone disease. This is because when the ball of the hip joint is arthritic the hip socket has generally degenerated and become unstable, making a total hip replacement necessary.

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