A concussion is a kind of injury to the brain. It happens when the head receives a hard blow. The impact can jar or shake the brain against the skull. This interrupts the brain’s normal activities. Although you may have cuts or bruises on your head or face, you may have no other visible signs of a brain injury. In most cases, damage to the brain from a concussion can’t be seen in tests such as a CT or MRI scan.

For a few weeks, you may have low energy, dizziness, trouble sleeping, a headache, ringing in your ears, or nausea. You may also feel anxious, grumpy, or depressed. You may have problems with memory and concentration. These symptoms are common after a concussion. They should slowly improve over time. Sometimes this takes weeks or even months. Someone who lives with you should know how to care for you. Please share this and all information with a caregiver who will be available to help if needed.

For tips on treating concussions in children and adolescents, please click here.

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