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Knee pain can get in the way of almost every aspect of your life.

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Signature Orthopedics physicians are independent practitioners and experts in orthopedic care.

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We believe in patient-centered care. Our priority is to work in with you to determine the best treatment.


Our physicians will discuss non-invasive and alternative options in addition to traditional treatments.


With over 10 convenient locations we offer accessible and affordable health care close to home. Telehealth appointments too!

Why Choose Us

We Will Help You Find Relief From Knee Pain

Knee pain can get in the way of almost every aspect of your daily life. Often times, the key to getting better is good advice and the right diagnosis. If knee pain is limiting your movement, the experienced orthopedic specialists at Signature Orthopedics can help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons are recognized leaders in providing innovative treatments – both surgical and conservative – for a wide range of knee pain conditions.

Saint Louis Knee Doctors

At Signature Orthopedics, we emphasize patient education — because knowing matters. Maybe your knee pain struck suddenly after an injury on a playing field, or perhaps it developed gradually through ongoing wear and tear. Either way, we will pinpoint the problem so we can get you on the path to recovery as quickly as possible. Whether the source of your discomfort turns out to be arthritis, bursitis, a torn ligament, or a sprain, strain, or fracture, we'll utilize the latest research and technology to get you the answers you need, then work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you manage your knee pain.

Think you need a total knee replacement?

Quite often patients hold off seeing a doctor because they think the only solution is a total knee replacement. Things have changed. There are many options available to alleviate knee joint pain, such as knee arthroscopy, a partial knee replacement or even non-surgical choices.

Safety First

During the COVID-19 crisis, doctors’ offices and healthcare facilities are considered essential services. Therefore, Signature Orthopedics continues to treat patients while taking extra precautions to maintain the safety and well-being of the patients in our care.

Signature Orthopedics continues to be a “one-stop shop,” providing onsite imaging (X-ray and MRI), casting, splinting, injections, and other immediate orthopedic care services.

Don't live with knee pain any longer

The ability to move freely and without pain is essential to living your life to the fullest. Contact Signature Orthopedics to request an appointment today, and take your first step toward overcoming your knee pain.

Common Injuries & Issues We Treat Include:

  • Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tear or Injuries
  • Combined Knee Ligament Injuries
  • Cartilage Injury or Damage
  • Dislocated Kneecap
  • Swollen Knees
  • Knee Bursitis
  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Injuries
  • Ongoing Knee Pain
  • Trips & Falls
  • Meniscal Tears
  • Tendon & Ligament Tears
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Runner's Knee
  • Osgood-Schlatter Disease
  • Sprains, Strains & Fractures


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