Signature Medical Group realizes that injuries can happen in the workplace, which significantly impacts your bottom line. For this reason, we make the workers’ compensation process more convenient by providing a direct phone line to help facilitate the treatment of an injured worker. The direct line can be used for a worker with a traumatic injury to be seen that day or to schedule a new appointment for your injured worker. We understand that the relationships between employers, insurance carriers, claims administrators, nurse case managers, adjusters and employees can be complex. Our Signature physicians respond with an immediate solution for your injured worker, same day attention, with skillful patient care from our group of experts.

  • Same Day Appointment Pledge
  • Extended Hours 
  • Multiple Convenient locations
  • Workers’ Compensation Specialists
  • Return to Work Advocates
  • All Orthopedic Injuries
  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)
  • Ratings, Disability, Second Opinions and Medical Records Reviews
  • MRI and X-ray Services
  • Cost-effective Physician Care
  • Dedicated Access Line, (314) 973-4585

Signature physicians provide your employees with quality orthopedic health care while effectively controlling cost. Our Case Management Team offers a collaborative process, assisting the management of referrals, diagnostic procedures, insurance contacts and coordination of all services. Signature Medical Group prides itself on delivering personalized, courteous and individualized treatment to all patients while controlling costs.

For more information contact:

Signature Medical Group
Workers-Compensation Program Manager
Gerrie Herrmann
(314) 973-4585