What You Need to Do For Your Child this September

It seems like just yesterday school was letting out for the summer, but, school is back! Getting your child ready for going back to school takes more than just a sharpened pencil.  Here are 3 healthcare related items to make sure you’re doing:

  1. Vaccinations

Vaccinating children has become a mainstream media debate; however, to attend most schools, children must have the basic vaccinations:  hepatitis B, chickenpox, tetanus and possibly a booster of the MMR in junior high.  Your Signature Medical Group pediatrician will be a trusted resource in determining what vaccines your child needs each year and what the school requires in terms of physicals and paperwork.

  1. Hearing and Vision Tests

It can be challenging to determine if your child can or cannot see properly.  Vision and hearing tests can make an accurate diagnosis.  Between 2 and 5 percent of children are unable to see out of one eye or can develop lazy eyes without proper treatment.  A yearly test at your Signature pediatrician’s office can help you to get a better picture of your child’s vision.

  1. Update emergency contact information

Make certain that emergency contact numbers, pediatrician information and all other emergency information is appropriately updated for the school year.  This prepares you and your doctor for any situation that may arise.

Have a great school year and visit your Signature Medical Group doctors for any of your pediatric orthopedic, or general pediatric needs.