What is a Trigger Finger?

Does your finger feel like it is out of the socket, catching, clicking or even locking? Is it painful to grip objects or hold a loved one’s hand?  These symptoms are possibly a trigger finger.

What is a trigger finger and why does it hurt?

In short, a pulley holds the finger tendons down to the bone.  A common analogy is to an eyelet on a fishing pole holds the fishing line to the pole.  Have you ever caught that fishing line in the pole?  That harsh tugging and grinding is very similar to the action in your finger. The finger has pulleys, which hold the flexor tendons close to the bone to generate force, and allows you to make a fist.

When the tendon gets inflamed, for any number of reasons, it gets irritated and can develop a swollen bump, which snags on one of the pulleys, or “eyelets,” causing pain or if severe enough, the finger to lock up.

How do I “fix” or treat my trigger finger?

To treat the catching, locking or pulling in the finger, a cortisone injection to the tendon sheath (the tube that houses the tendon), or surgery to decompress the pulley to allow more room for the tendon to go through.

A little secret about fingers: they only know how to swell up, get stiff, and hurt. So keep those fingers moving!

Our orthopedic hand surgeons see many trigger finger cases each year and are experts in treating trigger finger.  Many of our doctor are able to see you in the same day that you call.  Request an appointment now!