What do you know about scheduling a Colonoscopy?

You may have read about the most important routine procedure in our previous blog, When Should I Get A Colonoscopy?  Now, being aware of when a colonoscopy is needed, here’s what to expect when scheduling this often intimidating procedure.

Preparation is essential for this entire process. Your goal should be to know the doctors’ instructions well before the actual preparation begins. The preparation demands a strong laxative as well as a very strict diet. A Signature Medical Group gastroenterologist or colorectal specialist in St. Louis provides a detailed instruction packet beforehand. Here’s what to do when preparing for a colonoscopy:

  • Only drink clear liquids such as water, apple juice, some flavors of Gatorade or Crystal Light, and black coffee. Avoid anything with purple, blue or red dye in it.
  • Eating a large breakfast the day (at least 24 hours) before the procedure followed by a small lunch. This will help you to fight off hunger during the period of required fasting before your procedure.
  • You may also need to alter your medication leading up to the procedure. Consult your doctor for more on this.

These necessary preparations are likely to conflict with your daily schedule. Some things to keep in mind; try to make arrangements for your kids. Pick up baby wipes and soothing ointments to keep in a comfortable nook near/in the bathroom, you will be thanking yourself when all said and done.

By following our helpful colonoscopy tips, you can be better prepared and less stressed. Fill out a request an appointment form  or give a Signature Medical