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We feel, and heal, your child’s pain

When your child is injured on the playing field, you experience a range of emotions — fear, confusion, worry.

And that’s not including the suffering your child is enduring.

At Signature Medical Group, you can trust our knowledgeable pediatric orthopedic doctors to put you and your young athlete at ease.

Kids’ muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments still have lots of growing to do, which makes them more prone to sports injuries. Our pediatric orthopedic specialists provide the most professional care available for children and young adults.

Whether your young athlete has a broken arm, sprained ankle or even a torn meniscus, Signature is clearly the place to turn for the best care.

Why visit our pediatric orthopedic specialists?

  • We’re specifically trained to evaluate and treat children.
  • We specialize in children’s bones and growth.
  • We provide therapy and surgical techniques specific to children.
  • We’re adept at treating children with special needs and developmental delays.
  • We offer convenient hours at night and on weekends.

Drs. Enrico J. Stazzone, Stephanie A. Otis, David J. Anderson, Laura L. Meyers and Robert G. Medler are proud to be our pediatric specialists.

Why go anywhere else? Make an appointment with us today. Choose well. Choose Signature.