Total Joint Replacement – Information

The orthopedic surgeons at Signature Medical Group are nationally recognized for their work in managing joint replacements and are happy to consult with you on your specific situation.  Also, other members of the Signature team stand ready to assist in helping you return a healthy lifestyle—from Signature nutritionists to Signature personal trainers to Signature orthopedic surgeons.  Our specialists will work together to help you can achieve your active lifestyle goals.

While everyone’s recovery is unique, here are some great activities that could be on your post-operation bucket list:

  • Golf
  • Walking (and maybe even running)
  • Exercise classes – There are so many great exercise options available in classes at the local gym, YMCA or community center.
  • Yoga – This will keep your mind and body healthy!
  • Water Aerobics

National Healthy Aging Month is a great time to reflect on how we can all age in a healthy way.  For some of us this may mean learning to eat more healthy foods or smaller portions, or taking an exercise class at the Y or gym, or it may mean getting an evaluation for treatment from a Signature physician.