Tips on wearing summer shoes

It’s warming up outside and summer is almost here.

That may please some of us, but for others it presents a dilemma: What kind of shoes do I wear? Are those flip-flops really safe? Do I need a better arch in my sandals?

At Signature Medical Group, our podiatrists can answer many of your questions. We cover a variety of foot and ankle conditions with your comfort and safety in mind.

When picking out summer shoes, we recommend these tips, courtesy of DuPage Medical Group:

  1. Choose a well-made sandal with a thicker strap and arched sole for better support.
  1. Avoid fl­ip-flops with ­flimsy, thin soles that offer your feet no support.
  1. Choose a sandal with a bit of a heel and arch support that fits the contour of your foot.
  1. If you are unable to wear dressy warm-weather shoes, outdoor hiking sandals are a great alternative. Pay extra attention in rough terrain since there is no protection for your toes.
  1. If you are looking for height, a wedge with a stable base, strong ankle strap and arch support is a good choice.
  1. Use caution when wearing high stiletto styles with little ankle stability. As heel height increases, stability and safety decrease.

Are your feet hurting now? Do you want to start walking with more comfort? Make an appointment today to see one of our podiatrists. We’ll put an extra spring in your step.