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Tips for a healthy Thanksgiving diet

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year to gather your loved ones and share some thanks, thoughts and nutritious food.

Liz Erker, a nutritionist at Signature Medical Group, offers some advice to keep fit around the Thanksgiving table.

Think of all the nutritious foods that you could serve alongside the turkey: cranberries, sweet potatoes, green salads and a vast array of assorted vegetables, Erker says.

Yes, the table is filled with all sorts of colorful, beautifully prepared foods, but keep in mind that there could be way too many calories.

Even though it is Thanksgiving, Liz says, you can still maintain those healthy habits that you acquired throughout the year by remembering a few easy tips:

  • Keep active by taking a long walk or jog.  This will help relieve some stress and burn calories.
  • Drink water throughout the day.
  • Fill your plate with more of the non-starchy vegetables. For instance, green beans, asparagus, spinach and carrots are loaded with important nutrients.
  • If you do consume gravy, make sure that it is just enough to moisten the food.
  • You can still eat the foods that you like — just limit your portion sizes.
  • Never leave the table with a full stomach. You should always feel as if you could eat more food.
  • Limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages. They have have calories, too.

Overeating and inactivity go hand in hand with weight gain and sluggishness. So, while it is time to give thanks and to enjoy one another, just remember that you don’t need to do so with an overabundance of food. You’ll be happy to give thanks for your health, instead of those extra pounds.

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