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Signature recognizes World Cerebral Palsy Day

Oct. 6 is World Cerebral Palsy Day, and at Signature Medical Group we think that’s important.

There are 17 million people living with cerebral palsy (CP) worldwide, says.

Another 350 million are closely connected to a child or adult with CP, which is the most common physical disability in childhood.

CP is a permanent disability that affects movement. Its impact can range from a weakness in one hand, to almost a complete lack of voluntary movement. It is a complex disability: 1 in 4 children with CP cannot talk, 1 in 3 cannot walk, 1 in 2 have an intellectual disability, 1 in 4 have epilepsy.

CP is a lifelong disability for which there is no known cure.

Drs. David J. AndersonEnrico J. Stazzone and Stephanie A. Otis treat CP. The orthopedic surgeons work for Mid County Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, a division of Signature Medical Group.

At Premier Care Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, another division of Signature, Drs. Christopher P. O’Boynick and Benjamin C. Crane work with patients with CP on spinal issues and back and neck pain.

If your child has CP, you can trust Signature’s specialists to care for him or her with expertise and compassion.