Dr. Enrico J. Stazzone

Signature doctor, wife help children in Dominican Republic

A Signature Medical Group doctor and his physician wife have been helping children with spinal difficulties in the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Enrico J. Stazzone, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Mid-County Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, and his wife, Dr. Madelyn Stazzone, a pediatric radiologist, are co-founders of the St. Louis-based Pediatric Orthopedic Project (POP). Madelyn Stazzone serves as the group’s president.

The couple were recognized for their valuable work in a recent article in Town & Style magazine.

The article pointed out that in the five years since POP was founded, the Stazzones have led seven missions to the Dominican Republic and treated 56 children with scoliosis (spinal curvature) and other orthopedic conditions. POP volunteer doctors have also educated Dominican medics on the latest in pediatric orthopedic practices.

On their latest mission, the Stazzones were accompanied by their son, Enrico, a 2017 graduate of Marquette High.

In addition to the 56 operations, 89 have been performed by Dominican doctors trained by the St. Louis team. Four children with complex conditions were brought to St. Louis for treatment in collaboration with the World Pediatric Project. That group provides critical care for children in the Caribbean and Central America, Town and Style reported.

All of the procedures have been performed free, aided by private donations to POP.

The Stazzones say POP is growing but still needs donations. Donations can be made at the POP website at popstl.org.