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Quit staring at that screen — be active

Do you spend most of your work day staring at a computer screen?  Are you mostly sitting or sedentary?  Do you notice that your back and neck start to tense up?

Health experts at Signature Medical Group offer a simple solution: Be active.

First, make sure that you’re not sitting for extremely long periods.  Take a break by walking around.  A small break each hour can help you to be more productive and healthier in the long term.  The break can be as short as two to three minutes per hour.

Desk exercises may also help. Sitting in your chair, lift one leg off the seat, extend it out straight, hold for 2 seconds; then lower your foot (stop short of the floor) and hold for several seconds. Switch; do each leg 15 times. To work your chest and shoulders, place both hands on your chair arms and slowly lift your bottom off the chair.

After work, you can exercise at home or at the gym.  Just remember that you need to be consistent with your activity.  Having a partner in working out can help you stay motivated, increase accountability and challenge you to give more.

Also, make sure to get into a healthy eating routine. Having breakfast is vital.  Eating small meals mixed with snacks is a better way to maintain healthy weight and lifestyle.  Liz Erker, a registered dietitian at Signature, suggests three small meals and two small snacks each day.

Another important factor is drinking water. The more water you drink, the less tension, depression and confusion you experience. If you’re dehydrated, you’re body isn’t running well and that can lead to stress, experts say.

Signature Medical Group has a team of nutritionists and trainers that can help you to live a healthier, cleaner life. Make an appointment today, and start feeling better.