Using Nail polish and Hair Dye During Pregnancy

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Thursday, December 21, 2017 in Obstetrics/Gynecology

When you're pregnant, you probably have many questions. You don't want to do anything to jeopardize the safety of your baby but you still want to look nice and feel pampered.

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Many women wonder if it's safe to color their hair or wear nail polish during pregnancy. The answers to both, most health experts say, are yes.

According to "The two ingredients in hair color that have raised concerns are ammonia and PPD (p-Phenylenediamine). However, only trace amounts of these chemicals are actually absorbed into your system and the limited amount of evidence that's available suggests that it's safe to color your hair during pregnancy. Not convinced? Have your hair stylist switch to an ammonia-free color or opt for highlights or lowlights because the color/lightener has very little if any contact with your scalp.'' continues: "When thinking of nail polish and chemicals, especially during pregnancy, three ingredients ring a warning bell: Formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), and toluene. To avoid these, many women switch to natural polish but are very disappointed with its longevity. Good news...there's no need to make the switch! All three ingredients have been removed from most high-end nail polish lines, including OPI, making them perfectly safe to use in a well ventilated area.''

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