Preventative Screenings for Cervical Cancer

Posted by Signature Medical Group on Thursday, January 5, 2017 in Obstetrics/Gynecology

January is designated as Cervical Health Awareness Month, and Signature Medical Group would like to spread the word. About 13,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year, but the disease is almost always preventable with vaccination and appropriate screening (Pap smear and HPV tests).

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Preventing cervical cancer is an important role for our doctors, too.

Cervical cancer was once one of the most common causes of cancer death for U.S. women, according to the American Cancer Society. Studies have shown over the last 30 years, the cervical cancer death rate has decreased by more than 50 percent.

But a newer study published in the journal Cancer found that the death rate from cervical cancer is considerably higher than previously estimated and the disparity in death rates between black women and white women is significantly wider.

The rate at which black American women are dying from the disease is comparable to that of women in many poor developing nations, the study found. What makes the findings especially disturbing, said experts not involved in the research, is that when screening guidelines and follow-up monitoring are pursued, cervical cancer is largely preventable.

The increased use of screening tests, such as Pap and HPV, have helped cut the death rates, experts say. Screening can find changes in the cervix before cancer develops. It can also find cervical cancer early - when it's small, has not spread, and is easiest to cure.

Another way to help prevent cervical cancer in the future is to have children vaccinated against human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes most cases of cervical cancer. (HPV is linked to a lot of other kinds of cancer, too.)

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