Coffee with a Doc: Dr. Scott Zehnder Answers Orthopedic Questions

Posted on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 in Signatures Shares

Coffee with a Doc is a video series where our Signature doctors step out of the office and into local coffee shops to answer common medical questions from patients. In this episode, Dr. Scott Zehnder of Signature Orthopedics West County shares his orthopedic knowledge at The Dapper Doughnut in Creve Coeur, Missouri.

My knee hurts but I didn't have an injury or an accident. What can cause knee pain without injury?
This is something we see very commonly. Sometimes we get x-rays or an MRI and we just simply don't find anything wrong with the knee structurally.

Sometimes the knee might be a bit deconditioned. It might not be as flexible as we'd like it to be or as strong as we'd like it to be. In those cases we may need to rehabilitate the knee without any sort of surgery but just to get the strength and range of motion back. Sometimes the proper mechanics are very important for a knee to function without pain.

Can losing weight help decrease joint pain?
Yes. Without a doubt, yes.

If you think about the knees, your entire body weight is focused on these fairly small areas of contact pressure. Every pound above your ideal body weight associates with an additional five to seven pounds of joint reactive force across the knee joint.

Sometimes people will lose weight and they'll get frustrated: "I only lost five pounds." Well think of it this way: your knee thinks you lost 35 pounds.

Does running cause arthritis?
Research has shown that running for the most part does not damage knees and cause arthritis. However, some patients who are more predisposed to having arthritic conditions might not tolerate running.

Start off small. Listen to your body. If you start having pain in an area, stop and modify your activity.

Sometimes you need to modify the distances you're running or change your pace to be just a little bit slower so that you're not getting hurt. Running is something you can do as long as it's something pain-free you can tolerate.


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