Coffee with a Doc: Dr. Matt Melander

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 in Signatures Shares

Coffee with a Doc is a video series where our Signature doctors step out of the office and into local coffee shops to answer common medical questions from patients. In this episode, Dr. Matt Melander of Signature Orthopedics St. Charles addresses sports medicine questions at Alpha & Omega in O'Fallon, Missouri.

How often should I change my running shoes?
The general rule of thumb is every 500 miles. That means you have to actually track how many miles you run.

The problem with wearing them too long is that they wear out on the bottom and they actually change the position of your feet with heal striking. That change in the position can actually predispose you to injury or even tendon problems in your feet.

Ice or heat for knee pain?
Very common question. If it's swollen, ice it.

Is it bad if my knees make clicking or popping noises when I squat?
Not necessarily. Mine, in fact, make popping noises when I squat but it's not painful.

If it becomes painful to the point where you don't want to squat anymore, or painful to the point where that pop becomes a lock in your knee, or painful to the point where that results in some kind of swelling then that's an indication that it's not okay.

When should I push through the pain or when should I stop?
Most people push through the pain. A lot of running and endurance injuries are chronic. As I say, they kind of smolder - they kind of build up over time.

Any kind of pain that changes your workout regimen, if it changes your training, if it changes your lifestyle, then that's a time to come see me.


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