Coffee with a Doc: Dr. Benjamin Crane

Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2019 in Signatures Shares

Coffee with a Doc is a video series where our Signature doctors step out of the office and into local coffee shops to answer common medical questions from patients. In this episode, Dr. Benjamin Crane of Signature Orthopedics South County addresses questions related to back, neck, and spine issues at The Barn in Crestwood, Missouri.

What are the most common back injuries?
It's back pain - it's a back strain and it's miserable because we use our back muscles for everything: sitting, standing, walking. Even when we're lying down we're using our back muscles.

The key for back pain and neck pain is to keep moving. If you let your back get stiff, it's going to be harder to get yourself moving. I always tell people "motion is lotion." Keep moving.

Should I stand or sit more during a workday?
If you have the ability to stand it's always better because it keeps your core stronger. If you sit, use a chair with good lumbar support.

A big reason patients have back pain as they get older is that they lack core strength - that is strength in the muscles from your chest down to your pelvis and your hips. I tell everybody to focus more on core strengthening than anything else.

What can I do to strengthen my core?
Planks is a wonderful exercise; push-ups. Crunches are great - just don't pull on your neck. Squats and lunges are wonderful exercises. Bodyweight exercises.

You don't need high weights. I always tell people high rep, low weights is really where it's at.

Can deep tissue massage help spine pain?
It'll make you feel better. I like getting a massage every once in a while.

There's not a lot of research that it does anything physiologic in terms of improving your spine condition but if it makes you feel better and you can afford it, have a massage every once in a while.


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